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Our Health Matters:

The Black Health Matters Fund will support the “Black Health Matters: National and Transnational COVID-19 Impact, Resistance and Intervention Strategies project” led by Dr. Roberta Timothy.

About the Project

The project will provide a unique opportunity to engage individuals and key stakeholders in Canada and transnationally in knowledge creation activities that will focus on identifying pathways to successful intervention strategies and facilitate the creation of successful bilingual population-based intervention strategies and tools to better prevent, treat, and manage COVID-19 in African/Black individuals and communities.

The recent advocacy for race-based COVID-19 data, highlights the importance of understanding the impact of risk of COVID-19 on the lives of African/Black people living in Canada and transnationally and its historical and current day context. Presently, the research landscape does not have a major focus on Black health, support for the Black Health Matters Fund will enable important work.

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