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Our Health Matters:

The Black Health Matters Fund will support the “Black Health Matters: National and Transnational COVID-19 Impact, Resistance and Intervention Strategies project” led by Dr. Roberta Timothy.

About the Project

The project will provide a unique opportunity to engage individuals and key stakeholders in Canada and transnationally in knowledge-creation activities that will focus on identifying pathways to successful intervention strategies and facilitate the creation of successful bilingual population-based intervention strategies and tools to better prevent, treat, and manage COVID-19 in African/Black individuals and communities.

The recent advocacy for race-based COVID-19 data highlights the importance of understanding the impact of the risk of COVID-19 on the lives of African/Black people living in Canada and transnationally within its historical and current-day contexts. Presently, the research landscape does not have a major focus on Black health; therefore, your support for the Black Health Matters Fund will enable important work to occur regarding Black health.

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